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10 Ways to Convince Your Client / Boss That WordPress Is the Best Content Management System

Once your client/boss sees how WordPress works it will be easy enough for them to see that it is the best content management system (CMS). In the meantime, here are the top 10 things that make WordPress the best, if these don’t convince your client/boss nothing will.

1. Easy to Install and Use

There is no need to install the entire WordPress site, it comes with plugins and pre-created templates. The WordPress installation is so simple it can be installed without big instruction manuals, just follow the easy instructions on the screen. It will not take very long at all to get the hang of it, then it can be taken to the next level and programming skills can be applied and the sites you have created can be enhanced and any problems can be fixed.

2. Versatile/ Flexible

WordPress is has a reputation of being versatile and flexible. The platform is already used by numerous businesses from different industries around the world. With a global existence, WordPress content management system can simplify every task as it helps in building e-commerce, magazines, portfolio websites, photo blogs, news or articles libraries, and open galleries.

3. Open Source

WordPress is one of the most affordable content management systems; nearly anyone can use the WordPress platform to a business or personal website for free. With the open source you can easily customize your site to fit all your needs.

4. Ease of Use and Reliability

WordPress is known for being easy to use that of course builds followers. It requires marginal efforts and little time.

5. User Friendly

WordPress is an SEO friendly platform that offers the clean permalink building feature. With WordPress CMS, you can easily add tags to posts and assign your articles to different categories.

6. Free Plugins

WordPress offers several free plugins, the plugins enables usability, and back end services.

7. URL Customization

Basically, URL customization is about placing keywords in the URL, which ultimately increases search engines relevancy. Select the most significant keywords for the URL customization.

8. Integrating with Social Media

WordPress has expedited the addition of social media to the websites.

9. Easy and Rapid Updates
Updating the website regularly and rapidly fixes any bugs and security issues that need addressing.

10. Design

Design is one of the most vital parts of your website. The design you select will make it or break it. If website design looks professional, you can expect more visitors. Which may convert the visitors into readers.

WordPress content management system will help you accomplish this quickly and easily. By now your client/boss should be onboard with WordPress CMS.

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