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5 Ways to Make the WordPress Dashboard More Intuitive for Your Customers


WordPress is a system whereby information and content can be managed freely. WordPress has several features, which include template and plugin architecture. The users of WordPress should install themes that allow them to monitor it functions. A dashboard is a progress report, which is displayed on a website linked to a database for constant update. WordPress Dashboard controls and monitors all details behind your site management. This WordPress dashboard can be made more intuitive for users and clients in several ways, as stated below.

1. Organize client’s dashboard in advance

One should organize the WordPress dashboard in advance and present the account to their customers for a project description. This ensures information is well controlled and monitored since; one creates account for the client and they fill the profile by themselves. In organizing project description of the customers, enables one to ensure an inbuilt WordPress dashboard.

2. Introduce and improve Dashboard help
One should add Dashboard help whereby the client should be educated on the different features in the Dashboard and where and when they are used. When the customers are taught on different features of dashboard, they will be able to ensure a better project description. Improvement of dashboard help to the clients will ensure that the customer can do a better project description.

3. Offer Training to the customers.

One should offer to train to the customers on the use of dashboard for a better and constructive project description. Making the dashboard without providing training on how it should be used and where will not be of help to its customers. Training can be carried in some ways like use of video guides, writing of articles and one on one training.

4. Eliminate redundant things from the Dashboard

Unnecessary items used in the Dashboard should be eliminated to ensure user and customer friendly. The customers will be able to use the Dashboard without difficulties. Many customers will be attracted to use dashboard in the project description. Elimination of unnecessary things from the dashboard will be intuitive customers to use WordPress dashboard for customer’s project description.

5. Use a Security Plugin

It enhances security and.reduction of the number of people who access the dashboard should be limited to ensure a security of documents and reports. Installation of plugins restricts the number of customer logins. Security plugins provides a better project description to customers.

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