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eNom vs NameCheap


The web hosting industry is a continuously increasing business today. Before, when people do not yet know what the internet is, what the internet can do, what are websites, and even how to make one, people were blissfully ignorant of web hosting. However, in today’s day and age, you can seldom find anyone who do not what the internet is or what a website is.

With the increased number of awareness also comes the increase number of demand to have more websites, which made many companies and business branch out to the World Wide Web as well. Because of this, the number of web hosting service providers have also exponentially increased.

Today, there are hundreds of web hosts out there. Two hosting providers out of the litter, are the eNom and NameCheap. These two names are big entities in the web hosting industry today and many actually find it somehow confusing as to which one they should place their money on.

This article will provide an overview of what each of the two web hosts can offer, their features, and pros and cons that comes with the lot.


eNom is a web hosting provider as well as a domain name registrar. The company is based in Washington and was founded in 1997. The company is also the recent registrar platform of Demand Media, an American content company that also branches out to social media.

As of the 2013, the company has managed to acquire millions of clients all over the world and the management of more than 14 million domains.


eNom’s main service is web hosting, which can either be shared or VPN, and domain registration. It also provides email services for those who want to have professional and credible email addresses, SSL certification for those who want security for their site, website building for those who do not know how to build their own site, as well as security services for those who want to make their site as secure as possible, mobile site creation for those who want their business to be mobile-friendly as well, and a reseller program who wishes to make selling eNom services an enterprise. The pricing for the web hosting starts at around $4.88/month and web building as around $4.99/month

Now, since the company has been around for some time, it already has built a plethora of both positive and negative feedbacks from various clients. To have a glimpse of how these clients assessed the company’s services, here is a set of the common pros and cons that are reportedly commonly experienced by the clients:


The company is commended for the following benefits: solid uptime, 30-day money back guarantee, reliable hosting service, secure SSL, unlimited bandwidth and sites, WordPress hosting, cater to both Windows and Linux, and 24/7 server monitoring.


Although there are many good things about the services provided by the company, there are also negative aspects as well, such as: lack of live customer support through chat, and no free domain name along with the web hosting subscription.


Another company that offers web hosting is NameCheap, founded in 2000. The company is also an ICANN-accredited domain registration provider. The headquarters of the company is at Los Angeles, California and is said to be managing over 3 million domain names.

Since 2007, the company has stopped registering domain names and has opt instead to reselling those domain names registered through eNom. However, recent news indicate that as of 2015, the company has been shifting back into domain registration.


Although in a bit of a debacle, NameCheap has managed to gradually shift back to its prior glory and has managed to provide a various array of services mainly in web hosting, either shared, reseller or VPN hosting, and domain registration which may include domain name creation, reselling, and buying.

To give further overview of the company, here are the commonly reported pros and cons:


The company is popular because of the following reasons: user-friendly interface, free domain name server (DNS), self-help and how-to tutorial videos (mostly in YouTube), free SEO and marketing tools, free WHOIS Privacy, money back guarantee, and cheap value plan.


Even though there seem to be a wide array of benefits from NameCheap, there are also drawbacks. Here some of those drawbacks: lack live phone support, limited free WHOIS Privacy to one year only, and only 14-day money back guarantee.

Final Verdict

Whether you want to go for eNom or for NameCheap, always way in what their pros and cons are. If there is too much cons, you might want to reconsider or do a more thorough research of your own.

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