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A Guide To WordPress Sign Up Form Positioning


signup-formHaving your very own website can be a tough job. You make sure that it is not only you who gets to know what you have in your website, but other people in the planet as well. Especially if you are running a business in your website, it is important to let them know that you have something new coming up. And the best strategy to know if there are viewers and/users in your website? Get them to subscribe to your emails. The simplest way to do it is to place more sign up forms on your site.

There are places you can put your email sign-up forms to make sure it gets to your audience.

In The Feature Box

The Feature Box is a favorite of a lot of bloggers. This converts awesomely well. Think about how to add this on to your site to grab more email subscribers.

Top Of Sidebar

This is actually one of the big misses that both small and big blogs often get. If you don’t have an email sign-up form on your sidebar positioned at the very top, you are definitely missing a lot of email subscribers.

After Your Every Post

There is a reason why a reader would reach the end of your post- he/she read the whole thing and loves what you did there. So it’s just right to ask your avid fan to sign up at the end of the post.

It is important to do this because it gets them as the effect of your post on them is still fresh. They don’t have to look anywhere else- you get them right then and there.

The Footer Of Your Site

Like on the third example, your reader must have loved what you had in your website that they were able to get to the footer. They must have been engaged and you have to take advantage of this engagement. You have to make a way for them to act right away. The solution? Put an sign-up form on your sidebar footer.

On Your About Page

Another key to knowing where to put your sign-up form is to determine the most popular pages in your website. You can use Google Analytics and you will see that among these pages, your about page is one of the most viewed pages.

Like other kinds of business, you should be where the traffic is because this is where the people are. You should include 3 email sign-up forms in this page or you are losing fans every day.

Top Site Bar

See that little bar across the top of your site? Yep. There.

That little bar is something you’ve probably heard about. The Viper Bar Hello Bar. With this being on the top of all your webpages, people who come and visit will absolutely have their attention grabbed.

The Lightbox Pop-Up

Say hello to the lightbox sign-up form. This is yet another way to get emails from your visitors. However, this is not an absolute guarantee since the success in the use of this depends on your niche. Yes, it may not work because it can be annoying. But for some industries, this works well.

Now, if we talk about the industries, you have to make sure that you are using the right kind of email sign-up form. You have to consider the kind of visitors you are getting and know if you have to be a little conservative about using the forms OR if you have visitors who needs a little push.

If your website is all about marketing for small business, real estate, fitness and other similar stuff, you have to be aggressive in using your email sign-up forms. On the other hand, for websites who often have visitors who are internet savvy and knows how everything works in the web, you might want to take it down a notch.

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