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How to Add an Email This Option to WordPress Posts and Pages

The best way to remain relevant is through word of mouth, and that means posting articles that readers will want to share with their friends, families, and business partners.

From Facebook to Twitter to email, there are many platforms for your readers to spread the information you post. The best thing you can do is encourage sharing and make it easy for your audience to do.

To add an Email This option to your posts and pages, you need to install a plugin.

Install and Activate Using the Search Function

1. In your admin panel, select the Plugins tab.

3. Find the option to Add New and select that.

4. Use the search function to find an existing plugin. These have been vetted ahead of time and should be safe for you to install.

Try searching for terms like “WP-Email” or “email this.” Take a moment to browse your options and then select the email plugin that’s perfect for your site.

5. Select Install.

6. You will see several short notices as the plugin installs. Once you receive the notice that the installation has been successful, select Activate.

Configuring Your Plugin and Posts

Return to your Plugin tab from your admin panel to find the plugin you just installed. There are usually several options you can configure in your settings. For this explanation, we will use WP-Email. Be sure to look at the following things:

  • Select E-Mail Options to configure your settings. This will allow you to set parameters that you want for your emails, including whether to use html and how many words will appear in the preview before cutting off.
  • Remember to save your changes when you are done!
  • To add the WP-Email plugin to all posts, navigate to wp-content/themes/<THEMENAME>/index.php. Look for <?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?> and add if(function_exists(’email_link’)) {email_link(); } into the loop where you want to add the Email This button.
  • If you want to add the button to only a few posts, rather than every post, you can use a shortcode. Insert [email_link] into the post, and it will appear there.

You can search for more WordPress plugins by going to this page and using the search function.

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