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DreamHost vs Bluehost

DreamHost vs Bluehost

Much business these days regardless of the industry they are at, decided to get involved in online marketing. With the use of their websites, they can accommodate, communicate and introduce their new products and services anytime and anywhere. Online business allows you to do business right at the comforts of your home. Thus, the need of good web hosting is really necessary.

You can have your web hosting if your company does have its own server. It provides enough space where you can upload your files and documents related to your site. Web hosting is the one who make sure that your website is visible to online users. Different web hosting provider was not created equally, this article aims to help you to decide which web hosting fits according to your business needs.


DreamHost is known as a perfect web hosting provider for WordPress. In fact, many bloggers use it for hosting their blogs and make sure that their articles, write-up, and online reviews will be visible. DreamHost offers wide varieties of web hosting packages solutions. Moreover, such web hosting provider provides enterprise level with 100% uptime guarantee.


The web hosting plan includes unlimited bandwidth and storage space. If you are planning to use plugins such as real-time online user, then this could be the perfect web hosting for your site. In fact, most web hosting provider does not offer unlimited bandwidth and storage space.

Another advantage of using DreamHost is that it features one-click installation. Basically, you don’t need to look for webmasters to install script. Just click the installation button, the script will be automatically setup.

DreamHost serves 100% uptime guarantee. It is a bold claim and pretty much remarkable indeed since most web hosting providers only guarantee 99.9% uptime. Aside from the uptime claims, they offer bonuses feature such as $100 Google AdWords.

DreamHost supports almost any types of scripts such as PHP5, Perl, HTML, Python, CGI, and many more. You can simply achieve a responsive website that fits mobile devices and other features, plus, web hosting package is affordable which can help small business and startup companies to compete with the huge players in the industry. Web hosting package can be yours for only $8.95 a month.


When it comes to security, DreamHost got some issue back in 2007. There were over than 700 websites which were compromised back then. Although the issue has been fixed and their reputation has been resolved, lots of potential customers are anxious about the security.

DreamHost includes cPanel which is really relevant these days, yet, most customers complained about the interface which is pretty hard to use. As you access the control panel, you might be overwhelmed by numerous options and it is hard to navigate.


Bluehost, on the other hand, is recognized as one of the biggest web hosting companies. The web hosting can provide over 2 million domains. In fact, HostMonster and FastDomain are affiliated with Bluehost. Recently Bluehost packages have gone through major changes and all of those are for the benefits of their customers.


Compared to other web hosting price rate, Bluehost is probably the only web hosting provider that offers $3.95 which is very affordable for anyone. It fits for personal web business projects and for those businesses that could not afford expensive hosting rate. Plus, BlueHost offers unlimited of almost everything from domain hosting, hosting space, file transfer, and email accounts.

In case you are planning to build your website’s page rank, then you can take the advantage of BlueHost’s advertising channel like social media sites including Facebook and Tweeter and major search engine sites such as Google and Bing.

Compared to other cPanel, Bluehost provides a user-friendly interface. it  is easy to navigate which enables you to have 4 different types of hosting plans. You can choose from VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting.


Despite having unlimited of almost everything, Bluehost limits CPU usage. If you are building or you are managing your website with multiple CPUs, there is a possibility that they will suspend your site. Keep in mind that Bluehost only offers Linux Server.

Many users could also notice how slow the website is particularly with reseller accounts. Plus, even though that they are one of the cheapest rates among its peers, they will charge $99.9 for migration while many web hosting providers would do it absolutely free.


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