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Greengeeks vs Godaddy

Greengeeks vs Godaddy

Both GoDaddy and GreenGeeks are known as the most reputable web hosting service providers in the internet industry. They, both provide reliable web hosting packages which are suitable for businesses. However, if you are confused which web hosting is a better choice, the answer will depend on what kind of hosting you need for your website. They’ve got rich features including the performance, uptime, cPanel, and customer support.

GoDaddy Web Hosting

GoDaddy has its prominent name which has been in the web hosting industry for quite some time now. Web hosting plans are easy to monitor which are measurable in numbers. The plan offers unlimited bandwidth use and parked domains. However, the disk space would only accommodate 100GB which apparently, it seems that the term unlimited was compromised regards with this factor. Also, email accounts and the database is caped. While GoDaddy Web hosting allows you to cancel its service anytime. Within the 45 days of service and the customer was not satisfied with their service, he can get a full refund.

GoDaddy offers a cheaper price than its competitors. You can have your single domain for only $13.00, or multiple domains for only $89.99. When it comes to website optimization, GoDaddy can offer you promotional services including social media and email marketing. You can also benefit with their PPPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign. The interface is easy to use with more advanced features for webmasters and programmers. You can enjoy add-ons once you transfer your domains to them.

GoDaddy uses cPanel version 11.40.1 which is very easy to use. Managing your files and domains are flexible. The design of the cPanel is appealing to the eye, unlike other cPanels that are overwhelming and confusing because of so many features.

GreenGeeks Web hosting service

While, GreenGeeks is recognized as a great choice for small businesses and individuals who are looking for reliable hosting services. It was founded back in 2006 serving more than 100,000 websites from 150 countries. GreekGeeks aims to provide ecological responsibility while serving and hosting. Lots of customers acknowledged and responded positively.

GreenGeeks is providing 300% green energy web hosting. Customers can choose between 2 different plans and these are the VPS plan and Reseller Plan. VPS plan is perfect for webmasters since the plans offer many different kinds of options. The price plans will vary depending on the memory, CPU, storage transfer and IP. VP plans can range from $39.95 up to $159.39 in a monthly basis. While, Reseller allows you to select different types of plans. You can have 10 cPanel accounts for only $19.95 .20 cPanel accounts for $24.95 and 250 cPanel accounts for only $99.95 a month.


Affordability – GreenGeeks released one shared hosting plan. The company offers compelling discounts particularly during thanksgiving day and holidays such as Christmas and New Year. There are also coupon codes you can find on the web to have at least 10% discounts. The GoDaddy on the other hand offers 3 hosting plans. The company offers discounts as well from 27 to 50 percent respectively to those 3 plans.

Features – GoDaddy offers 100GB disk space, 100 email accounts 1 hosted websites and 10 databases. While GreenGeeks offer unlimited disk space, email accounts hosting and database. GoDaddy is limited when it comes to scripts while GreenGeeks can accommodate almost every scripts existed. However, despite GreenGeeks offer unlimited of almost everything, lots of complaints regarding with their speed. In addition, GreenGeeks has a lack of hosting options.

Reliability – Both GoDaddy and GreenGeeks provides promising uptime. Yet, GoDaddy has some few server issues and little downtime. While GreenGeeks are equipped with hundreds of high-performance servers. So, far there are no complaints about downtime and server issues which make them 99.95% uptime reliability. Since GreenGeeks is some kind of new in the web hosting industry; somehow they did not encounter any issues. But, lots of customers are still anxious about their GreenGeek’s 300% green wind-powered web hosting.


In conclusion, GreenGeeks is highly recommended for individuals to host personal websites. While GoDaddy fits with business websites. Since GoDaddy has already built its reputation, it is a worthy competitor. GreenGeeks are demonstrating their capabilities in the industry so GoDaddy should take note of this. Both has its own weaknesses, but certainly they are the best in the industry.



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