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HostGator vs. Bluehost

HostGator vs. Bluehost

The influence of the internet to this era is very much remarkable. It is probably the reason why internet now becomes quite a basic necessity in each of the every industry the workplaces have. Sectors such as in business, education, entertainment and journalism, government, etc have been subscribing to the internet for multiple functions it can provide. It can help them in spreading information, advertisements, announcements, updates and such. Reaching their audience is the most important thing and internet had been very helpful to reach people regardless of their distance or location.

These functions would really wish for the best advancement of these sectors and probably to have a ripple effect towards their community to make a difference. The importance of the internet right now is really prevalent and evident that is why a lot of website subscriptions are taking place.

Choosing the website where you will subscribe is very crucial especially in this fast pace growing economy the world is experiencing and the global competition it has, every detail of your website subscription is important. There are several popular web hosts around and two of them are Bluehost and HostGator. What is with these two hosts that will make you choose them as your website host? This article will showcase a comparison between these two website hosts that will give you background information about them to have a choice whether which of them will be their selected host.


Bluehost is a little cheaper than the HostGator in terms of the amount however HostGator offers service package or service plan in a monthly basis compared to Bluehost with a yearly basis. This gives an edge to HostGator users because it provides flexibility in payment especially when financial aspects come in to the feature. HostGator also offers a money back guarantee of forty-five days which is fifteen days longer than the thirty days money back guarantee by Bluehost.

Basic Features

In this aspect, both web hosts are quite similar in each other. They both provide unlimited bandwitch, disk space, and add on websites. This means you can easily transfer data because of the unlimited bandwitch, you can store any image, messages, videos, and other data that transacted to your site because of the disk space, and last but not the least, you can just add and add more websites to host with your plan because of the unlimited add on website feature they both provide. However, Bluehost somehow outweighed HostGator in some of the basic features. Free Domain name for 1 year is provided by Bluehost but not by HostGator. In addition to that, Automated backups is also exclusive with Bluehost.

Technical Features

In this comparison, a complete tie is achieved by both of the web hosts. Both of the hosts provide FTP Access, cPanel, WordPress Intstaller, .htaccess File, and Cron jobs. The following are management servers and data encryption to manage more your websites. You can manage all the configuration for both websites given this provided servers and files that would make it easier for you to be in control of your website.  Both of the web hosts also provide unlimited database where everything that is pertained to your website is stored.


In speed comparison, Bluehost takes both load time and first byte against the quire slower HostGator. Thought there is a little speed difference between the web hosts it is still an edge for Bluehost. On the other hand, Uptime Guarantee is provided by HostGator that is usually the standard in the web hosting industry.

Customer Care

Another complete tie for the web hosts. Both of Bluehost and HostGator offers Account setup where they will take care of your domain and server once you subscribed to them. They also offer technical supports through live chat, phone, and email in a 24/7 basis. You wouldn’t have a problem on contacting them and will give you the help you need anytime of the day.

Now the comparison is given to you, it is now up to your decision what website host you would want to provide you service. Always remember to be keen and thorough with the details so you would not regret on choosing one over the other.



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