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HostGator Vs. NameCheap


The people’s living had been made easy by the aid of technology. This phenomenon started way back in the early nineteen hundreds where the industrial revolution began. Machines and technology took control not only of the workplace but even the households. One of the best advancements of technology is the internet.

Nowadays, it is very prevalent that the internet is very much used dominantly in most of the fields. No doubt that the internet is unstoppable in growth and becomes a medium of transactions and communication towards all sorts of people. Since internet is became a necessity to different fields, the use of websites became prevalent as well. If you are about to subscribe on a website, you should know what host will suit you best.

There are several website hosts that surfaces and some of them are already popular and had been in the business for a long period of time. Two of the web hosts that is making a name in the industry are the HostGator and the NameCheap website hosts. What do they offer? Comparing the subscribers of both sites, there is humungous difference that can be seen. Well the article will provide a comparison between the two hosts in terms of performance and service for you to have a brief background about the two hosts to make it easier for you to choose your host.

Affordability Check

The NameCheap subscription is priced lower than HostGator. Both of them offer several plans of purchase but NameCheap has more options. However, HostGator gives a more flexible plan to the subscribers to compromise when financial status is a problem. HostGator has multiple billing circles compared to NameCheap that only allows one year billing. The options offered by HostGator gives them the edge of being a more affordable website host. HostGator also offers longer time guarantee of money back for a risk and worry free trial.

Performance Appraisal

In the reliability of these two web hosts, there is a lot of similarities and only few difference. HostGator somehow outweighs NameCheap in terms of speed and uptime. The loading speed of HostGator is much faster than NameCheap that the difference ranges from sixty to seventy five percent in page loading. The reason for this is that HostGator has data centers across the globe that minimizes the distance of your website to your audience. However, on the other side of the story, NameCheap outweighed HostGator in installation and security. NameCheap offers multiple installations of applications that is easily performed. They also provide daily back up to secure your websites content and transaction thoroughly.

Customer Service

In this area of comparison it becomes a little bit of one sided already. Every time of the day there could be something wrong and sometimes you cannot fix it alone. The customer service provided by your web hosts will be important and crucial to your site. Being unable to fix some errors or glitches urgently might lead to more serious problems that will be costly eventually. This is the reason why customer care is very important to the subscribers. HostGator bringing this category on their side offers a 24/7 customer care with video chat, web mails, and phones as their medium of communication. On the other hand, NameCheap only relies on their livechat and tickets in helping their subscribers which is very time consuming and makes the repair last longer which makes the NameCheap customer service not very much reliable.

The brief comparison of the web hosts given in this article does not define their total service. For a future subscriber, you should be responsible to have more sources and check on more details thoroughly to avoid misunderstandings and website conflicts. The beginning will define a vital outcome to your website so you must understand completely what you will be going through. It is in your hands to check on important specifications of the website and it is up to you to decide whether you would choose it or not. It will always fall into your final say but remember to be keen and do not rush things. Every web hosts have their unique traits and find that one you think will suit your website best.

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