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How to Add a Notification Center in WordPress

Foremost, set up and activate the WP Notification Center plug-in. Noteworthy, is that it works outside the box, and there are no settings for configuration.

Upon launching, the plug-in inserts a new Notifications menu in the WP tool bar. The notification centre will confine notifications exhibited by the WP plug-in.

Henceforth, new notifications will be identified by a number (like: Notifications 12), you’ll now have a chance to review these notifications by taking the mouse over the notification menu.

Otherwise at the moment, there is no other possible way to discharge a notice from the Notification Centre.

The notices will fade away when you capture and make use of the recommended steps.

You’ll end up noticing that the number of notifications will change from the admin page to another. The interpretation is that the original plug-ins showing these notifications are configured to be shown on other certain pages only.

Reasons for adding a notification center for WordPress

These notifications always appear from the admin area where WP allows plug-in and themes notices to be displayed.

  • When they occur in multiples, these notifications can be so jumbled up that they turn out to be a nuisance.
  • When developing a client’s WP, the notices might despair your skill in the admin area by the plug-ins making your service appear unprofessional.
  • When running a multi-author WP site, some of the notifications may appear at the other authors screen causing a stir for they cannot dismiss them. This is standardized control thus authors may not be able take action suggested by the notices.
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