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How To Link Your WordPress Site With Google Analytics


google-analytics-wordpressWhenever we create our own website, what we would most want to happen is to get as much traffic as we can. We need to know if the current content of our website is something that interests people or if it needs more improvement. To know these, we have to keep track of our stats. Know how you can track your traffic stats in your WordPress site? Say hello to Google Analytics.

Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics allows you to keep track of who visits your site, what they do when they are on your site and when they visit your site. These information helps you determine which contents in your website should stay and which ones need most improvement. Also, these data determine whether your site visitors approve of your website and what kind of people you are attracting so you can do something to further drive traffic.

Aside from these, Google Analytics also lets you know where they arrived on your website from and how they interact with your website. This is useful whether you have a business website or a personal blog. And have we mentioned that this is totally free?

Create An Account

To sign up to Google Analytics, you have to first create your Google Analytics account. Just visit the signup page. If you currently have a Gmail account, you can also use that to sign in. Once you are in, a prompt will appear to your screen which is where you will sign up for your Google Analytics account. You will be asked whether you would want to use a website or a mobile app. Select website.

Google is now offering a Universal Access account. This account is in beta and it comes with a lot of extra features, as well as a classic account. Choose either of these because even when you choose the classic analytics, it will eventually be upgraded once these come out of the beta version.

Fill out all of the necessary information asked. Make sure to enter your website’s URL, account name, country you are currently in and the time zone. Just fill out website information asked. After this, click on Get Tracking ID and you will be shown the terms and services. You can scan on this just to be sure. Click on I Agree to continue signing up.

Tracking Code

Next, the Google Analytics tracking code will be provided to you. Copy this. This tracking code is what you will add in to your site. Make sure to keep your google analytics browser tab open because you will get back to this once you have installed the code on your WordPress site.

Now, to install Google Analytics to your WordPress website, you can try any of the three ways: directly pasting the code, using functions.php, or using plugins.

The plugin method is recommended and there are a lot of plugins that you can use to add Google Analytics to your site. Try out simple, lightweight plugins like Insert Header and Footer. Simply paste the code in the plugin settings page.

Meanwhile, the direct paste method simply requires you to paste the code in your theme’s header.php, after the <body> tag.

And lastly, the functions.php method. This method is only advised for individuals who has knowledge on pasting snippets from the web.


Once you’re done with either of the three methods, go back to your analytics browser and hit Save. From here, you will then click on Reporting and see your site’s overview. A good 12 to 24 hours will be needed before it can provide you the stats you need.

Remember to keep track of all the information that you’re gathering from Google Analytics. Use these information to know both the negative and positive effects of whatever furnishings you do, additional posts or even activities you add or remove to further improve your website content.

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