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How to Show Real Time Online Users Using the WordPress Plugin?

Back in 2009, search engine giant Google integrated Real Time Search for page ranking in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). It was absolutely necessary in order to provide the newest and most comprehensive search result over the web. The concept of Real Time Search gained a lot of attention to webmasters and analyst. It becomes the top priority for search engine optimization campaign including Yahoo, Bing, and MSN. It includes headlines and blogs based on the value of viewers through the use of social media. So, if you want to increase your visibility and improve your PR (PageRank), installing real-time search plugin to your WordPress theme is unquestionably necessary.

Expanding Your Reports

Google crawlers crave with fresh content. Therefore, you need frequent and fresh new content. Repeatedly updating your content and blogs using CMS (Content Management System) will generate lots of content as part of improving your page rank. The best way to do this is with WordPress. It would be wise to make the use out of Facebook and Tweeter. It is the most preferred way to release and publicize your fresh content. Moreover, it is a great advantage to using real-time search with large numbers of users such as online stores and forums.

Install WP-Useronline Plugin

The WP-UserOnline Plugin lets you add a widget. This shows the numbers of live viewers in real time. The details like the bounce rate, click rate and locations are indicated. It is a great way to understand if your content or your entire website is effective for live audiences. Start by searching and installing WP-Online plugin through WordPress admin. Check your WP backend and look for the plugin and click the Add New button. Install the plugin by clicking the Install now at the bottom. It is also a great way to communicate with your viewers which can potentially not just your regular viewers but also regular buyers.

User Page

The next step is to create a user page in your WP. At your backend, got to pages and add new. Now create a new page used for displaying the online user. Feel free to give it a name according to its purpose. This integrates your newly created page at the widget. Make sure to put the [page_useronline] in the content area.

WP Online Option

After creating a user page, go to settings at your new UserOnline page and you’ll find lots of options to setup the widget. Of course, before anything else, how about customizing the general settings? It enables you to set how long before the users will record the database. All you have to do is to enter any number in the Timeout field.

In case there is a need to link the user names to the pages, you’ll just have to paste the URL to User Online Page you’ve just created in the UserOnline URL field. Click the yes button after seeing the Link user names.

At the useronline template section, you can customize templates for your live users and audiences. Also, you can customize the user browsing site and user browsing page. Take time and feel free to customize this section. But in case you could not make up your mind just yet, you can leave the default setting and modify them later. Click the save changes in order to confirm the changes.

Widget Side Bar

UserOnline Widget also allows you to add a widget to the sidebar of your backend. It shows the user a simple manner of managing the plugin. All you have to do is to go to the appearance widget then drag and drop to the right sidebar. You can create a title and statistic and save all the changes.

The most important factor when using the real-time search user is that the time between the data being generated and delivered effectively by this way even a small amount of data is relevantly maintained. Real Time Search is a big factor not just in optimizing your ranking but also taking good care of your viewers and customers. The plugin will provide you lots of traffic in a certain area or a particular keyword, then the opportunity to act as soon as possible will give you lots of advantages.

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