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MediaTemple vs WP Engine

Like many things, choosing the right web hosting that suits your needs prior to your personal or business website is quite confusing and overwhelming. With numerous options you can choose from the web, you might be also anxious about different companies’ claims such as 100% uptime, unlimited offer, and customer service satisfaction. By understanding which web hosting company will help you to your online campaign, this article provides the pros and cons of different renowned web hosting provider namely, WordPress Engine Hosting and Media Temple.

WP Engine

WP Engine was established six years ago. Back then, not many have heard about the hosting service until the company proves that their service is the real deal. Today, WP Engine growth is inevitable. Many bloggers in the internet community use the service and recognized as one of the best web hosting service.


No Bots – one of the common issues when it comes to the web developing is the bot visits. This is somehow not helpful especially if you are planning to optimize and improve the PageRank of your site. WP Engine is also charging on bots and implemented blocking all bad bots. As a user, you can’t setup your bot.txt and you will be charged with overages bots visits. This could be a bad news to bot users, but no bots has its own advantage.

Uptime – WP Engine is extremely reliable and fast. It is backed by SLA and you get your refunds in case of downtime happens. So far, their claim of having a 99.9% uptime service is reputable. Moreover, WP Engine features daily backup and malware scan. You no longer have to worry when it comes to security. In case, your site is hacked, they will fix all the problems with free of charge.

Staging site – another great feature of WP Engine is the staging sites. It allows you to test all your stuff if they work well or not before your official launch. You can test bugs, redesign your structure and modify them if you have to.


Exclusivity – Despite having these advantages, perhaps WP Engine has skeleton in its closet. First, WP Engine exclusively for WordPress site only. So, for those of you guys who are convenient using Drupal or Zen, this web hosting is not meant for you.

Price Rate – The rate is pretty much costly compared with other web hosting provider. Unlike another web hosting which only offer more or less than $10.00 a month, WP Engine plans range from $29.00 up to $249.00. The premium plans are anyhow negotiable. The price is too much for business startups and for personal projects.

Media Temple

Media Temple has been around for over than 10 years in the online industry. The hosting provider was recognized as the ultra-cheap provider with only 1 dollar a month. Media Temple is affiliated with GoDaddy but both keep their operation independently. Last year, Media Temple joined AWS and launched cloud hosting services.


Most web hosting provider will check the percentage of the CPU resource. In case, you exceeded to the limit, these web hosting might suspend your site or even shut you down. Typically, it happens when blogs or article goes viral or you are running a paid campaign which relevantly increases the traffic. While, Media Temple allows you to have 2000 GPU’s to start off. You also have the privilege to take full advantage of GPU cycle which is more than enough if you are running a business website.


Usually, cPanel comes with tons of script and the interface is somehow confusing and overwhelming because of so many options. As simple as one click, you are able to install multiple templates including WordPress, Drupal, and Zen.

Disaster Restoration

You never know what things could go wrong such, while you don’t have to worry such thing because Media Temple cloudtech support system will restore any the data whenever disaster strikes.


Despite they offer the ultra-cheap hosting per month, you might be surprised that the grid hosting comes with $20.00 per month while others only offer it for about 8-10 dollars.

For site migration, you have to pay as much as $150.00 which requires some technical task. Some hosting providers do it for free.


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