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How to Easily Share Private Posts in WordPress with Certain User Groups

Sometimes, you have content on your WordPress site that you want to share. However, you might only want certain people to see it – not the entire world. You have that right, and the WP platform has made it easy for you to do this.

Steps to Sharing Private WordPress Posts

To share a private WordPress post, you need to make sure you set the post visibility right. This will ensure that your blog entry or web page will show up only to the people you give permission to view the post. If you don’t want your content “public,” then set your post to “private” or “password protected.”

Here are the steps for making sure your posts are private or password protected:

  1. Log into your WordPress administrator account. If you are the website owner, you just need to sign in using the credentials you created when you installed your WordPress account. Otherwise, get permission from the administrator of your network.
  2. Hit “create new post” at the top of your WordPress dashboard. Toward the top of your screen, you should see a toolbar on your site dashboard that includes a “+ New” entry. Click or tap on that tab, and select “post” when the drop-down menu appears. This will open up a blank post page.
  3. Write your post (if you haven’t already) and save it as a “draft”. Create the post that will later be your private content and also make a title for it. You will then have to save it as a draft unless you already know the fourth step. The “save as draft” function is usually to the right of where you made the post.
  4. Set your post to “private” or “password protected.” Go to the “publish” widget on the right hand corner of your WordPress blog post dashboard. Under the “visibility” section, choose “private” or “password protected.” If you want to add a password, enter one. Otherwise, choose the “private” option. Then go to the next step.
  5. Press “Ok” on the “Publish” widget. This will confirm that you set your post to private. You can then proceed to publishing your content. Go to step six for more information.
  6. Press the “Publish” button. When you tap or click the “Publish” button on your post creation dashboard, you then make your content live. Before you do this, you will want to make sure you double-check that the post is on “private” or “password protected” setting. Otherwise, it will go live to everyone.

These directions work for WordPress blog posts and site pages. The exact steps might differ slightly based on the template you use.

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