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How to Submit Your WordPress Blog to Apple News

If you’re a WordPress blogger, regardless of whether you’re a professional blogger or not, then you’re likely aware of the importance of marketing your blog to attract as many readers as possible. Of course, there are many paid and free ways to get your blog discovered, from taking advantage of social networking, to creating email campaigns, and much more.

As of September of 2015, Apple has a new news app that is viewed on a daily basis by millions of Apple device users worldwide. By opting to submit your WordPress blog to Apple News, you can reach numerous perspective readers since so many consumers have access to this news source. If you aren’t quite sure how to submit your blog to Apple News, then here is a step-by-step guide:

Submitting to Apple News


Step one – Go to the Apple News publisher. You will be instructed to sign in with the Apple ID you’d like to use. This will usually be the Apple ID that you use for your business if your blog is business-related. If you don’t already have an Apple ID, then you will be given the option to sign up and create one.

Step two – Once you’re signed in, you will be asked to agree with their End User Agreement. You must agree before you will be allowed to proceed.

Step three – You will be required to provide your personal information, including the name of your channel, your job title, your city/state, your web address, your primary audience (or audiences), the language that your prefer, which territories, and more.

Step four – At this point, you’ll be able to submit your blog via RSS feed. You can also create your channel, and if you have multiple blogs, then you can easily create as many channels as necessary. If you only want your blog available in individual countries, then you will have the option to specify which countries you would like to choose or exclude.

Once you have completed these four simple steps, your blog won’t become live on Apple News immediately. It is required that all submitted blogs are approved before they will become available. Future updates are expected to include an easier submission process that avoids the RSS feed. However, you may only submit your blog via the RSS feed at the current time.

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