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Types Of Websites You Can Create On WordPress

10-websites-in-wordpress-bannerThere are a lot of types of websites that you can create through WordPress and the choices are endless. Whether you would just like to create a blog of your thoughts and travels, or for a professional company website, just get yourself WordPress hosting and a domain name and you can start creating your site.

Personal Blog Or Website

Simple blogging was the original platform of WordPress and eventually evolved into a powerful CMS. While WordPress has developed itself to become more polished, sophisticated and mature, the original users, which are the bloggers, have always found plenty tools to manage and grow their sites.


Part of the development of WordPress is the inclusion of tools that can quickly launch websites into businesses that extend and continue to grow. A lot of people have discovered the power of the internet in their businesses and WordPress has become a major part of building e-commerce websites. Plugins like WooCommerce, EasyDigital Downloads and WPEcommerce convert WordPress websites into fully functional ecommerce platforms so you can accept payments, manage inventory, taxes and users easily.

Job Boards

Growing demands of niche job boards have pushed the creation of job board websites. Companies can simply create these to post job listings and qualified individuals can quickly and easily respond to them.

Business Directory

Business directories, like job boards, has also become a popular demand among a lot of individuals. WordPress business directory plugins can easily help you create a site like this.

Q And A Websites

You can easily create your own Yahoo Answers and Quora in WordPress by combining tools plugins. You can now build a thriving online community.

Nonprofit And/Or Religion

The freedom WordPress allows its users has become an ideal place for non-profit organizations and religious websites. Plugins will enable you to add donate forms and easily help you raise money through PayPal donations.


Your artwork has to be seen by the whole world and to do that, you can build your own portfolio website with image galleries and sliders. Sleek and polished user experience will allow people to browse on your work and maybe get inspired too.

Online Forum

Online forums are great for building a community. This can be an extension of another website that you have, for your business, a membership site, an online course, etc.


A lot of people thrive in websites offering discounts on products and services and you can create your own coupon website in WordPress as well. You can add, manage and expire coupons with ease.


You can also create fully functional auction websites where users can bid online, make payments and of course, let you earn as well…which could be the main point anyway, right?

Multilingual Knowledgebase

If your goal is to let people from different parts of the world know your website, then it would be a good idea to create a multilingual website. If it has always been your goal to provide trusty documentations, articles and photos that people can use, WordPress also offers amazing plugins that allow you to turn your website into a geeky and nerdy, easy-to-use knowledgebase wiki.


WordPress and podcasting work well together and a lot of popular podcasters actually use WordPress for their website.

Niche Affiliate Marketing

Earning commissions by referring users to products and services becomes easy through WordPress. There are affiliate marketing tools and plugins you can download to make everything work like a breeze.


Whether you are just an amateur photographer or a professional one, WordPress allows you to share your photos by adding galleries and/or albums complete with captions, lightbox popups, slideshows and all that jazz.

School Or College

If you’re thinking about creating a website for your school, you can use WordPress. Safe, secure and easy to use, thousands of other universities and schools have created their websites here already.

Your Very Own Secret

WordPress also allows you to work in private- run team projects, diaries…anything you want, away from unwanted attention.

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