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WordPress VS. Weebly VS. Wix VS. Squarespace

Deciding to have your own website is just one thing among all the other decisions you will have to make. Before anything else, once of the first things you have to choose is whether you will use WordPress, Squarespace, Wix or Weebly.

There has been a lot of dispute as to which is better among others, and the result? Indeed, it depends on what kind of user you are and what kind of website you really want to put up. For example, if you are a hobby artist, you might want to consider using a free Weebly site which includes their paid ads. However, if you are someone with little to no idea with the use of computer, you might want something that is a little more user friendly- like a simple drag and drop interface. For professionals, however, it would be a better idea to go with the WordPress platform offers.

WordPress is a robust, scalable application that is free. It can be whatever you want it to be. It has become an industry for entrepreneurs who create themes, developers of plugins, etc. However, it is still hard to say whether this is the ultimate platform to use.

When it comes to backups and data accessing, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly and other similar website platforms are proprietary. This means that your website is their website and when these companies shut down, your website will too.

However, SquareSpace can let you export an XML backup of your website’s content (but not everything) which you can import into WordPress so you can continue your site here. This can also be a lot of work because the exports will be saved as LiveJournal or Typepad and there’s little guarantee if it will work in WordPress or not.

On the other hand, Wix allows a duplicate of the site but it will remain in the Wix Server. Weebly, however, allows download of a zip backup but does not include blog posts.

So if you do not want to go through all the trouble of recreating everything in your website when all hell breaks loose, you can opt for or Blogger. When you feel like you have outgrown your or Blogger, you can go ahead and import everything to, which is the self-hosted version. Backups for WordPress can be in the form of export, migrate or simply saving in the cloud. You can also download a complete backup of your WordPress site.

But still, when comes to usage, it will depend on the user himself and what is most convenient for him to use. Here are some facts about the platforms that you can compare:

Yearly Plan:

  • $8.25
  • Weebly- $8.25
  • Squarespace- $8.00
  • WordPress- $3.95 and up


  • 2GB
  • Weebly- Unlimited
  • Squarespace- 500GB
  • WordPress- (bandwidth varies)


  • 3GB
  • Weebly- Unlimited
  • Squarespace- 2GB
  • WordPress- (storage varies)

Number of Websites

  • 1
  • Weebly 10
  • Squarespace 1
  • WordPress- (number of websites varies)

Number of Pages

  • Unlimited
  • Weebly- Unlimited
  • Squarespace- 20
  • WordPress- Unlimited

Email Service

  • Google Apps
  • Weebly- Google Apps
  • Squarespace- Zoho Email and Google Apps
  • WordPress- (email service varies)

Max Upload File Size

  • 15MB (audio)10MB (images)
  • Weebly- 100MB
  • Squarespace- 120MB (audio)20MB (images)
  • WordPress- (max size varies)

Drag n’ Drop

  • Yes
  • Weebly- Yes
  • Squarespace- Yes
  • WordPress- (drag and drop depends of used theme)

Free Themes

  • 100+
  • Weebly- 100+
  • Squarespace- 25
  • WordPress- 1945 excluding premium themes

Analytics Used

  • Google Analytics
  • Weebly- Weebly Analytics, Google Analytics
  • Squarespace- Squarespace Analytics, Google Analytics
  • WordPress- Google Analytics, and more plugins are available

SEO Optimized

  • Yes
  • Weebly- Yes
  • Squarespace- Yes
  • WordPress- Yes

Mobile Website

  • Yes
  • Weebly- Yes
  • Squarespace- Yes
  • WordPress- availability depends on theme being used

Social Sharing

  • Yes
  • Weebly- Yes
  • Squarespace- Yes
  • WordPress- depends on plugin and theme being used

Image Editor

  • Yes
  • Weebly- Yes
  • Squarespace- Yes
  • WordPress- Yes

Form Builder

  • Yes
  • Weebly- Yes
  • Squarespace- Yes
  • WordPress- Yes, will depend on plugin use


  • Weebly- HTML Only
  • Squarespace- HTML and CSS
  • WordPress- Can use both HTML and CSS, all codes are accessible

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