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WP Engine vs SiteGround

Web hosting allows online users to organize and create their websites through the World Wide Web. It provides space in a server use by clients. It could be owned or leased which provide data center space and connection to the internet. Files can be uploaded through the use of FTP or File Transfer Protocol. The interface itself has a minimal processing. Most often, the internet service providers offer a free subscription. These personal website hostings are commonly cheap and sometimes even for free. While web hosting for business websites has a higher expense which will range depending on the size and the type of the site such as e-commerce and woo commerce sites.

WP Engine

WP Engine or WordPress engine is a hosted service provider, particularly in WordPress websites and apps. Over time ever since it was developed, has grown into a popular web hosting platform. There are several new features added to advantages and technologies in a large group of industries. Bloggers are also enjoying its benefits and being recognized as one of the best-managed hostings.


While SiteGround, on the other hand, offers Linux-based web hosting. For improved performance, SiteGround integrated with CloudFlare. It automatically backups your site and allows you to choose server locations. It allows you to choose which data center you want to host prior to your website. If you are much concerned about privacy or retention laws, the SiteGround can offer you the European Data Center.

WP Engine can be a good fit for you if you are using WordPress since the WP Engine offers a unique value of the proposition. While, if you want a progressive internet security, then SiteGround Hosting is for you. If you want to look closer when comparing the two, continue reading below.

WP Engine & SiteGround Uptime Report

Uptime report is the rate or percentage of time that a web hosting provider is capable of keeping their servers online and saving the websites. If a server is down, then your websites, blog sites and other external links are useless. This is not a good sign since many people rely on their website to generate customers via online. Any amount of downtime affects sales and leads.

WP Engine wants to achieve a perfect uptime record. Eventually, this is almost impossible. However, as far as uptime record is concerned they’ve been very close to no downtime. WP Engine as of these days got 99.9% of uptime thanks to their no overselling policy. The web hosting got enough space for their clients.

Now when it comes with SiteGround, the web hosting provider offers real-time detection technology which apparently matched the WP Engine’s uptime. Today, SiteGround is a 99.9% uptime guarantee. The real-time detection will identify any possibilities of downtime that it will find quick working solutions. The software got automatic repairs that stimulate any errors that can cause downtime.

Speed Test for WP Engine & SiteGround

When it comes to speed, both WP Engine and SiteGround are almost equal. Not so long ago, online users are patiently and calmly waiting until the site was fully loaded. But not ’til today, Site speed is becoming relevant especially in businesses. Moreover, Google can determine how fast or how slow your site’s delivers to its viewers. It is a contributing factor regards with optimizing your websites.

The WP Engine ensures that their international network of servers has strong stability and redundancy. In countries like Britain, United States and Japan, WP engine users can choose server they want in order to keep their data on. The SiteGround also offers fast-loading. Because of its Supercacher, the users can customize computation to cache. Both WP Engine and SiteGround got an average speed of 1.3 seconds.

Hosting Plans

Now here comes the crucial part of this article the plans of each web hosting provider. WP Engine offers multiple plans of hosting ranging from $29.00 a month for personal plans which allow the server to accommodate several organizations and companies. Of course, the entry level plan has a higher cost which varies from high speed, quality, and server uptime. The SiteGround have the very basic share plans to everyone. It includes VPS, cloud, and dedicated servers. Cloud hosting is available in the US, Asia, and Europe for only $70 a month.


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